Care alarm technology

Monitors to protect those with Epilepsy, the elderly, frail and disabled

iTs Designs Ltd is a leading UK supplier and installer of Assistive Technology and monitors for all care market segments, including domestic and professional care. We can also assist care providers by providing total project support for the Assistive Technology for new builds and refurbishments, including the integration of DECT telephones as secure pagers, door entry control and staff attack protection.

Epilepsy Support


The most serious and worrying condition for carers is the night-time Tonic/Clonic seizure, which if left unattended can lead to a serious health risk. Yet unless the carer can remain awake all night listening for signs (e.g. on a baby alarm) then 100% vigilance is impossible. Our epilepsy alarms and monitors will improve the carer's vigilance in these circumstances. We can also assist with daytime monitoring in a number of ways.

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Fall Detection Monitors & Personal Alarms

Man fallen down stairs

Assistive technology for those who are relatively independent but vulnerable we can supply a range of personal alarm devices such as Fall Alarms, Panic Alarms, Pendant Alarms. Wandering Alarms and Hypothermia Alarms. These allow the user freedom with protection and can notify the carer of danger via our radio pager, a telephone dialer or by activating a legacy Nurse Call system. They are all compatible with traditional Care Line call centers.

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Fall Prevention

Frail and Elderly

When caring for an elderly relative or client here are many worrying and hazardous conditions of distress for which a carer can need to be vigilant. We have a range of alarms and monitors that can help with incontinence, wandering, falling and panic. We are also able to use our alarms to telephone for assistance from a near neighbour.

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Incontinence Support

Frail and Elderly

The Comf-iT range of assistive technology include monitors that ensure carers are aware the moment their clients pads need changing or a bed wetting has occurred, without the need for time wasting and disturbing regular checks. The clients hygene, comfort and dignity are improved and the carers have more time to give quality care.

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Dementia, ADHD & Alzheimers Support

Care Home Installations

The Secure-iT range of assistive technology covers a number of issues facing carers of those who can become confused or disoriented. The monitors can alert the carer of wandering, entry into a room, when their client is mobile, leaving a building as well as providing advanced tracking outdoors through GPS.

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Alarm Notification Options

Care Home Installations

The Alert-iT failsafe pager system is the notification method of choice for care homes and domestic situations where the carer is local to the user. For those living alone the Alert-iT range includes telephone linked options to pass the alarm to a local carer via a low-cost, autodialler or to a call-centre, including those operated by local authorities. We can also incorporate security and fire safety monitoring into such systems. Alert-iT can also be linked to any legacy Nurse Call system.

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Touch-iT Personal Call Alarm

The new Touch-iT is a call button that requires no physical effort, just a touch. Perfect for those suffering advanced loss of muscle control or finger movement.

Use our Assistive Technology

We offer our "SafeLink" radio protocol license-free to other manufacturers to ensure our clients can choose the most appropriate technology to assist them. Please contact us for more information.