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Dementia, ADHD & Alzheimers Support / Secure-iT

A set of alarms to monitor movement and reduce risks for vulnerable, frail or infirm persons. Especially suited for those suffering from Dementia or given to wandering

Secure-iT Dementia Support P135 with 50p An open door

Designed and made in the UK

  • Releases carers from constant supervision
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Ideal for monitoring falling, wandering, room and building exit, room entry and bed vacation
  • All products can be supplied with an advanced pager or telephone dialling
  • Suitable for carers at home or professional care organisations

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Secure-iT monitoring covers a range of sensing monitors to assist carers create a discretely secure environment.

  • A unique personal alarm badge, which can detect falling, hypothermia risk, panic or the user wandering too far from the pager (e.g. outdoors).
  • Door monitors to alert when the occupant leaves their room.
  • Motion detector offering a wide range of uses.
  • Bed and Chair vacation sensors.
  • GPS tracking monitor with real time web display and text alerts.

Read the Secure-iT Leaflet


Door Activity Monitors

The Alert-iT door activity sensor offers many unique features that enhance its use in a care home as well as domestic situations. Not only will it notify of the door being opened, but it can be temporarily disarmed while the carer is at the door with automatic re-arming when the door is closed. The unit can be disabled with a secure key.

The switch uses a high-strength rare-earth magnet mounted opposite the detector to sense the door being opened.

This makes installation especially easy as the gap is not critical. Self-adhesive pads will be sufficient in most circumstances, reducing and damage to the décor.

The alarm is usually set to reset once the door closes, allowing staff to judge their response. For emergency doors the alarm can be latched, ensuring staff go to the door to reset the unit.

Once the door is open the alarm can be temporarily reset to allow staff to, for instance, talk to a visitor or leave a door open during the daytime. It also allows staff to exit the building, but leaving the alarm primed tp protect the resident. When the door is closed the alarm re-activates ready for the next opening.

Two keys are provide. One permanently disables the alarm while the other allows cleaners to disable the alarm for 30 minutes (after which a FAULT alarm is raised).

Motion Detector for Wandering Detection

A discreet detection unit with an infra red motion detector remote from the bed. The alarm is raised as soon as the user's foot descends to the floor. The same sensor can be positioned to detect them sitting up, leaving a room, or entering a dangerous area. It can also detect door usage, where a door may be left open. It replaces door and floor mats which can be a trip hazard.

The battery operated motion sensor has a perfect detection beam for sensing the legs of someone leaving their bed without triggering if they simply sit up in bed. By being positioned across the room there is no bedside mat to be avoided or tripped over and nothing to destroy. The alarm is also raised before any weight is placed on the feet. Positioned a bit higher it can detect someone sitting up in readiness to leave their bed.

Another popular use is mounted above a door way "looking" down. In this case the door can be left open and the alarm is raised if the occupant crosses the threshold.

Badge-iT Fall Detector for Wandering


The Badge-iT monitor is capable of being tuned to an Alert-iT Pager to detect if the wearer has moved out of a building or garden area. It has the additional capability of giving an alarm if the wearer collapse or press the panic call button.

While the Badge-iT monitor does not have the precision of a GPS unit, it has proved effective at warning if a wearer is moving beyond a safe area, and unlike GPS it can function indoors as well as outside. It is also smaller and lower-cost to both purchase and run.

For precise tracking monitoring and ring-fencing outdoors then our Track-iT GPS system is to be recommended.

Bed and Chair Occupancy Detection

A bed/chair occupancy mat that detects the weight of the person lying in bed or sitting in a chair and raises an alarm to the pager through a failsafe radio link, either immediately on vacation, or after a prolonged period. A unique feature is that if reset whilst the user is out of bed, or a chair it will stop detecting alarms until the user returns later.

The P163 Sense-iT monitor can detect bed or chair vacation by a number of sensors, Alert-iT can offer a number of sensors that have advantages in different situations as presented in our leaflet. The most popular one is the simple bed pressure mat which is easy to apply and sits over the mattress where is can readily sense the weight being removed from the bed. A smaller mat is available for use in chairs.

Our bed ribbon sits under the mattress, which gives greater comfort and protection. Some adjustment for different mattresses and beds may be needed. It is not suitable for profiling beds. A short ribbon is available for use in chairs.

The bed leg weight sensor is excellent on domestic and light duty beds and is totally discreet.

The P163 has a call button that can be used as a basic Nurse Call.

Floor Mats for Wandering Detection

Floor sensor

Our floor mats are robust low-slip mats that do not need over mats for protection or safety. They can be connected directly to a Nurse Call system using one of our extension leads with the correct connector. We are also able to offer small interface units for connecting these mats to Nurse Call that requires normally closed connections (e.g. Static Systems).

Alternatively they are connected to our battery operated radio interface (P163) to make a wire free system that will pass the alarm to our P137 pager with complete reliability. The P163 also has a call button that the user can use as a basic Nurse Call system.

Installer guide and technical documentation

Small GPS Tracker with speech

Track-iT GPS tracker

The Track-iT unit is small and easily hidden in clothing or belonging where appropriate. Unlike some on the market the unit costs very little to run despite giving continuous updates on the position of the unit via a linked website.

The unit can trigger alarms via text messages or the Alert-iT Pager to warn when the user has strayed out of a safe area or into a danger area, both easily set via the web interface. There is even a speed limit to detect when the user has jumped on a bus.

The same functionality can also be installed on some GPS capable mobile phones.

Using continuous data packets over GPRS Track-iT can report its position without costly text messaging. A small annual fee secures access to this data over a web page dedicated to the unit. Using this interface the carer can set safe or danger areas and trigger alarms and well as instantly see the location of the user. By accessing the web with a mobile phone then the user can be traced in real time if required.

The alarm can be notified to a mobile phone by SMS text messages or directly to the care home Alert-iT pager via a special transmitter connected to the USB port on the computer.


Domestic carers

Domestic carers (and smaller care homes) usually require that the alarm is notified to our totally portable pager, which features failsafe technology and usually sufficient range to cover house and garden.

The domestic pager works with up to three different monitors and automatically prioritises the alarms according tom severity. The 450m outdoor range is the longest available and coupled with the failsafe “Safelink” signals it will never leave the user unprotected. The pager is specially designed for care use and is simple and easy to use offering audible & silent operation (with vibrate)

Living alone

For those living alone we can offer a telephone dialler that can alert a local carer or more advanced diallers that can also access call-centres for support.

Read our Autodialer leaflet

Our basic dialler is low cost and has no monthly charges. It simply dials a sequence of numbers until the call is acknowledged and passes an audible message to the recipient. In the meantime the user is given an assurance tune to confirm the dialling activity. The more advanced system uses a special control panel to dial both local carers and finally a call-centre. It features two-way speech for confirmation of assitance. The panel can also double as an intruder alarm system. We can similarly activate the call-centres associated with Telcare providers (such as local authorities, Tunstall or Tynetec).

Professionals and Care Homes

For the care professionals in residential homes, flat support, schools and colleges we can offer our pager with 32 client capacity and 450m range. Alternatively we can use long range licensed pagers or even send alerts through a DECT telephone system.

Support for Professional Care Leaflet

Our radio alarm network has the highest degree of reliability and integrity available. The failsafe "Safelink" protocol and long range (with repeaters if needed) ensures easy and secure installation without any expensive infrastructure or labour costs. To assist the professional we offer a risk assessment spreadsheet (with explanation and example sheets) to validate the acceptability of any installation and a client assessment form to help choose the correct monitor for their condition. We are also always on hand via our helpline.

Care Providers

The Alert-iT monitors are chosen by many councils, educational establishments, independent living providers and respite facilities as the basic protection for all kinds of conditions because of their diverse sensing capability and ease of programming. Our design team will be pleased to act as your consultant in defining the optimum assistive technology framework for your clients, into which our products can play a vital part.

Support for Professional Care Leaflet

iTs Designs was chosen in 2010 to provide a full Assistive Technology installation at three new builds in Leicester and one refurbishment in Nottingham. This included consultancy, provision, installation, training and support for not only the health monitoring but also Staff Attack, Telephone communications (speech and alarms) and Door Access control.

Read our Assitive Technology Projects leaflet

“We haven't seen anything with performance close to that of the Alert-iT products” Paul Taljaard, Care Futures, Bristol

“iTs designs have worked with us to produce bespoke products that means our service users feel safe” Medical Director, Independence Homes, Croydon

“The alarm is simple easy to use and the alarm wakes you up with ease” Mr & Mrs Wood, Nuneaton

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